We love our RV's and campers, and we try to take care of them to the best of our ability, but sometimes luck isn’t on our side. Scratches, dents, alignment issues and major body damage can occur. And when life's little "Oppps!!!" happen, bring your RV to Tim's Collision Plus. We can repair any type of RV damage.

RV damage repair isn’t as simple as just popping the damage out. Often times just pulling the dent creates small paint breaks in the exterior surface of the camper. The area around the dent can then begin to rust. We go the extra mile by ensuring the entire area surrounding the dent is properly sealed and painted with matching paint. We also can recreate the damaged graphics that were originally on your RV. Many times we can custom paint the swoops and strips, or have the graphic reproduced by a graphics company we've partnered with.

Bring your camper or recreational vehicle to our body shop and allow the experts to inspect the damage to give you an honest estimate of what exactly is wrong and the cost to repair the problem. From collision damage to anything Mother Nature can dish out to damage your camper or RV,  Tim's Collision Plus can fix it and have it looking new again.